November 14


Digitalization, or how any company, including SMEs, can make the most of the increasingly digitalized world they struggle with, whatever the sector.

How compliant and secured digitalization of SMEs can reshape consumers experiences, strengthen loyalty, support productivity and bring visibility, ROI and new market shares?

            – To what extend can the acceptance of Digital be the key for success?          

- GDPR, a constraint or an opportunity for SMEs?

- How algorithms cohabit with employment?

            – How to limit cyber threats when digitalizing?

Many questions, many answers and much more will be proposed!


Participants can expect:

  • Sector’s expert keynotes speeches
  • Interactive panel discussions
  • Show-case presentations
  • Focused workshops sessions
  • An “SME’s Forum” powered by Luxinnovation (in French)
  • Serious games
  • 10-min speed-demos
  • A 48-booth exhibition area
  • Business speed-datings
  • Numerous networking opportunities
  • A unique evening,…


Target audience:


  • Business executives and decision makers from SMEs, CEO, ICT professional (CTO, CIO, CSO, Network managers, etc) working for local & international companies looking for answers to their Digitalization challenges,
  • For SMEs, like any other company, active in all sectors i.e. logistics, insurance, industry, real estate, retail, e-commerce as well as artisans, etc.


Interested in holding the mic and sharing on Digitalization?


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10 min speech

- 10 min speech

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