On November 13

From 9:30am to 4:00pm


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Network monitoring and security are key elements in all IT infrastructures when you have business-critical IT services to supply to your internal or external customers.


The following topics will be treated during the Luxembourg Internet Days 2018 in order to help you choose the right tools, protocols, standards, etc. :

  • Network traffic analysis,

  • Network performance monitoring,

  • DDoS Detection & Mitigation,

  • Identifying security incidents,

  • Identify process behavior deviations,

  • Detect software vulnerabilities,

  • Monitoring and security tools.


Network data is big data:

Network data is big data coming from IT devices supplying a lot of information in NetFlow, sFlow, SNMP, IPFIX, J-Flow, etc. protocols.

– How can I use these data to analyse my traffic in order detect problems and security incidents?

– A lot of network monitoring products are available on the market, how to choose the most appropriate one?

– Can these tools help me with early detection of attacks?


Questions to be answered and problems to be solved:

– Is a Firewall enough to protect my network?

– Do I really need to analyse all these logs in order to protect my IT infrastructure?

– Are SaaS networking monitoring services a solution for my company?

– How do I keep my services up and running in case of an attack?


An open and free to access workshop given by security made in Lëtzebuerg will help you sort it all.


Network security matters! 

During the Luxembourg Internet Days all these topics and questions will be treated at the occasion of keynotes, showcases, panel-discussions and focused workshops. Listen to sector experts, leverage sharing of experiences, participate to open panel discussions, visit the expo area and discuss with the 50-exhibitors in and find your Security partner!