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You’ll find below all the sponsoring packages available for the 2022 event.


Conference room
2,500.00 €

2 roll’ups in the main conference room

Logo on event map

2 entries for the Sunset Eve

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Lounge area
2,500.00 €

Your roll’ups displayed in the area

Your goodies, brochures,… available in the area

Your logo on posters in the area

Your logo on the event map

2 entries for the Sunset Eve

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450.00 €

Your goodies (pencils, USB sticks,…) or brochures available at the venue

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Lunch break (1 per day)
4,000.00 €

2 roll’ups next to the buffet

Mention on programme

Logo on screen during lunch break

Logo on card holders on high tables

2 entries for the Sunset Eve

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Sunset Eve
3,000.00 €

2 roll’ups at the restaurant

Mention on the programme

Logo on attendees’ badge and entry bracelets

Logo on posters on tables

Introduction speech during the evening

Your goodies available at the venue

4 entries for the Sunset Eve

(2 packages available – exclusivity for 5.500€)

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Entry for the Sunset Eve
150.00 €

Entry for the networking evening (November 15) for 1 person

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Virtual booth
1,000.00 €

Virtual booth including:

– your logo & company’s info
– ad space
– job offers
– products & services sheets
– staff’s contact detail
– dedicated chat for attendees to contact your team

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Virtual ad
450.00 €

Your ad (1080x1920px image) displayed (randomly) on the homepage of the event platform

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