The 2023 edition is open to

IT, ICT and OT decision makers from all sectors
–       Critical Infrastructures, 
–       Industry, 
–       Banking, 
–       Healthcare, 
–       Telecom, 
–       Transport, 
–       Logistics, 
–       Etc.
This edition will gather them all around experts and “survivors” to discuss ways to win against the mounting pressure of increasing threats and time-consuming actions in effectively protecting their organizations or recovering and getting their business back on track.


Seeking for know-how and expertise to
–       Understand how cyber hackers anguish in the smallest weaknesses posed by aging practices and devices, lack of awareness, as well as spending precious time on manual tasks.
–       Learn more about the challenges posed by the rise of rogue devices and shadow IT.
–       Identify more effective ways to protect your endpoints, cloud services, mobile devices and employee identities.
–       Improve your security posture and stop leaving your enterprise vulnerable.
–       Learn how to detect, protect, respond and be resilient in case of a cyber-attack.
–       Securing critical resources.
–       Compliance with different applicable regulations, etc.