Partner event: European entities


The current period is a reminder of the vital need for a safe, trusted and resilient online environment and to what extent we are all interdependent. It highlights the fact that it is essential to protect ourselves individually and collectively against crisis and attacks wherever they come from. We are fortunate in Europe to have a number of entities, including the European Commission, working to ensure security and trust in the cyberspace.

However, according to a survey carried out with supporters of the “Paris Call” at international level, it appears that private sector entities, civil society organizations, and public or local authorities demand more information sharing, collaboration and training, for more effective legal and technical frameworks, and for greater responsibility from providers of digital products and services for the maintaining of peace and security in the European cyberspace to protect individuals, critical infrastructures, and the public core of the Internet.

For this reason, we wanted to highlight these various European entities, not necessarily used to being in the spotlight, to increase their visibility among an audience of professionals and encourage them to use these entities before, during or after a crisis.

It is with more collaboration and coordination of awareness-raising, training and information-sharing actions that a more efficient European security and digital trust sector will be developed and that we can move forward in the implementation of European alternative solutions.

The European Commission acts on the front line to encourage European countries to collaborate in the fight against Cyber threats with concrete measures. President Ursula von der Leyen has once again made Digitalization and Data protection one of the central priorities of the Commission, as evidenced by the numerous initiatives made public last February.

We do believe that the time had come for the many entities working in this common direction, to protect European citizens and businesses against Cyber threats, to come together and put themselves under the spotlights. Our purpose is to help them be better known and increase awareness for their activities during a major event in the heart of Europe.

The program for this edition will soon be available, it is a safe bet that this WEB edition of the Luxembourg Internet Days will be the opportunity for many European personalities to join us, even from far away …