Topics 2020


Network Security – Cloud Security : Crisis Resistance, Management & Resilience

The crisis has been an occasion for many to painfully measure the gap between their estimated digital and security maturity, reality, and, a fortiori, necessity… In a few hours, or a few days, the dematerialization of the workspace was organized as best as possible and many companies still managed, depending on their level of preparation, to maintain an acceptable level of activity, or at least to find a mode of operation. 

While everyone will learn from this experience and reflect on the different scenarios to better face the future, the time has come to realize that the adaptation efforts implemented from an organizational and technical point of view have been made possible largely thanks to the persistence of operators, cyber security players, the Cloud and network infrastructures.

Together, they managed successfully to resist!

By making the extensive use of digital tools possible in order to access information, work, learn, keep in touch with relatives and access streaming platforms, the businesses of telecommunication and network companies are booming, but they are also facing incredible challenges.

What are the lessons to be learned from this crisis? How can increasing digital maturity and good internal preparation help to curb the effects of a crisis?

There has been a significant increase in cyberattacks in the wake of COVID-19, and hackers seek to exploit any vulnerability created by an increase in remote working and people’s fears with either phishing or DDoS attacks. No code of ethics hinders hackers (black hats), who go as far as to target sensitive healthcare infrastructures at a critical time like this!

So, this year, at the Luxembourg Internet Days, we have decided to focus discussions on the means to limit the risks linked to “crisis” (cyber or related) and to explore solutions and ways to thwart them.

  • How to not be caught off guard by a (Cyber) crisis scenario?

  • What are the “Compliance frameworks”?

  • How can we make networks stronger and more resilient in the face of risk?

  • What can you do to limit the scale and extent of a successful cyberattack?

  • How to increase resilience to attacks?

  • What new technologies should be included in this preparation against a (cyber) crisis?

  • What about “Quantum Technologies” and their considerable potential?

  • How implementing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning inside a company can support risk assessment?

  • Regarding Cloud platforms, what would the European Cloud project mean for cybersecurity?


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