Word of the Organisers

Now in its sixth edition, the Luxembourg Internet Days event, with its inimitable technical and pragmatic approach, is an unmissable occasion for ICT professionals to gather, learn and share on two hot topics with trendsetters and sector experts.

Designed around keynote speeches and interactive discussions along with a focused exhibition area, the event attracts an increasing number of visitors from the Greater Region and beyond.

The two themes for 2019 will be Network & Cloud Security on November 12 and E-commerce & Digitalisation on November 13; both are very sensitive topics, fundamentally interdependent and vital for the economy in general.

This year, the organisers have chosen to put Luxembourg’s neighbour France in the spotlight, for both its strong involvement in the fight against cybercrime and its inspiring technological dynamism.

The increasingly rich agenda will also offer open and focused workshop sessions given by expert partners to help participants get practical and concrete answers to their questions or situation.

Following the success of the LUNOG1 (LUxembourg Network Operator Group) launch event in 2018, LUNOG2 will be held this year with the participation of partners such as RIPE NCC on November 12.

Join us in Luxembourg, the trusted ICT Hub at the heart of Europe and enjoy an enriching gathering!



Secretary of LU-CIX ASBL


Chairman of LU-CIX ASBL